axoaxonic (axoaxonic) wrote in linguaphiles,

the seven-year itch

Next month my husband I start our seventh year of marriage, which got me thinking about the phrase 'das verflixte siebte jahr,' and the best corresponding term I could think of in English, 'the seven-year itch.'

Is there a phrase like this in other languages? How does it translate literally into English?

During my research I found the sentence, 'The seventh year anniversary is considered a curse on many marriages.' 'Seventh year anniversary?' Why is the word 'year' thrown in there? Is it redundant? Or is it intended to change the meaning to something else, like, perhaps, 'the anniversary that begins the seventh year of marriage?'

Which year is meant in the phrase, the seventh year or the year starting with the seventh anniversary?

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Tags: english, german

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