Haz (kapitankraut) wrote in linguaphiles,

Useful Portuguese phrase(s)

My sister's fiance is from Mozambique, and has recently been granted a visa to travel here as long as he promises to marry her within a certain time frame. I've never met him before, but in my capacity as "the one in the family who knows a whole heap of languages", I'm apparently expected to say something suitable to him when I'm introduced in a couple of weeks.

I think the Portuguese for "congratulations" is "felicitacoes" or something like that, but I've got no clue where the diacritics go and how to pronounce it, so if any of you could give me a useful sort of canned phrase along with some kind of indication of how to say it (my sister doesn't speak Portuguese well either, so he's presumably not expecting anything too spectacular), I'd be very grateful indeed.

The sort of thing I'd want to say is something like "Congratulations on your visa" or "...on your arrival", or even potentially "...on your recovery" (he's been ill for a while) or "Welcome to the family". If there's a brilliant idiomatic phrase people say on this sort of occasion in Portuguese, I'm all ears.
I don't imagine anyone here would know anything in the Mozambican dialect, but all the better if you do.
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