~*kaleido_sköpe*~ (kaleido_skop) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello there, linguaphiles.

I am looking for someone who has experience with Southeast Asian languages and, if possible, anyone who has any resources or perhaps can give a few pointers about  Burmese and Tibetan languages.  If there are some of you out there, is there anything you could tell me about how to begin or where to begin studying these languages, what college programs offer decent classes, and also, does anyone have experience teaching English to speakers of these two regions?  (Grant it, extremely unlikely)

I am currently looking into volunteer prospects and experience in public health and also TEFL, and I have a sincere interest in learning more about the cultures and languages of this part of of the world (also including Thai, Vietnamese, and Khmer) and am trying to find a good starting point (and am getting a little lost in the lack of good learing material here).  Also, I am curious as to how a background in Chinese might help while learning one of the above mentioned languages (for example, Vietnamese)

I know that SEAsian languages are far less commonly taught... and also not as often discussed in this community, but I was just hoping someone out there might have some information (textbooks/grammar guides would also be great).  Thank you!


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