Nastassja Riemermann (tsukikage85) wrote in linguaphiles,
Nastassja Riemermann

name ideas

So, I'm applying to work at a Japanese camp next weekend, and they want me to submit an ethnic Japanese name. Naturally, it needs to have 月 in it somewhere. :) Someone suggested 月子, but that would just make me think of the anime Paranoia agent. I was also thinking maybe 美月... Anyone have any other suggestions?
I'm also applying to the German camp, and was wondering if Nastassja might squeak by as a German name, since I was kinda sorta named after Nastassja Kinski. ^^; I'm assuming not, though.

And while I'm on the topic of names, I've been asked many times if I have a nickname, as a lot of people have trouble pronouncing my name. I used to give "Katie", since my second middle name is "Katharina", but really... If I'm going to have a nickname, I'd like it to be at least based on my first name that I'm rather proud of. (Not that I'm not proud of the rest of my name.) Then there's Nasty, which my grandpa affectionately calls me, but really, only my family's allowed to call me that (for obvious reasons).
So for those who know more about the cultures where the name "Nastassja" originates, are there any other nicknames that might be easier for Americans to say? (Or Japanese, for that matter?)

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