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Hi all,

I've been doing pretty well on translating all my German and Spanish sources for my BA recently, but here's another translation that just doesn't sound quite right to my ears. Specifically, I'm unhappy with the translation of "mangelnder Zugang" as "lacking access," because "lacking" just sounds very awkward. Leo gives lacking and wanting as the two possible translations for "mangelnd" and both just sound wrong to me. Am I just too picky?

"Neben der Institution der Zwangsheirat wird der mangelnde Zugang zur Schulbilding als der Mechanismus empfunden, der ihre persönliche Entwicklung am stärksten eingeschränkt hat."

“Apart from the institution of forced marriage, the lacking access to education is perceived to be the mechanism that has most severely hindered their personal development.”

Thanks for your help guys!


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