Süäüüelläi (alcarilinque) wrote in linguaphiles,

The lulz and cold snaps

Two howdoyousays here:
  1. How do you say 'cold snap' in your various languages and Englishes, if the concept translates? A cold snap being a briefish period of time where it is considerably colder than the surrounding time.
  2. 'I did it for the lulz'

I've got Russian: Я сделал ето для лулзов
... and Finnish: Mä tein sen lulzien vuoksi.

I guess I'm more curious about the "for the lulz" part, but a whole sentence would be great! If you have alternates for the ones suggested above, that's great too! Thanks!

Edit: More curious about borrowing the word lulz, I guess, and how it works as a loanword in your languages. If -z- is difficult, I'm fine with lul+plural. :P
Tags: howdoyousay, lulz

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