Kasak (kasak) wrote in linguaphiles,

Kazakh help

Hello, fellow linguaphiles!

I'm looking into TEFL jobs outside the United States, and one of the places I seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback from is Kazakhstan. I speak Russian already, but if things pan out and I mangage to get a job in Almaty or Astana, I'd like to at least be able to try to learn some passable Kazakh. I realize many people already speak Russian, but I still would like to have all my bases covered.

I can't really find any good English resources or books for learning Kazakh, aside from the publications the Peace Corps puts out, and even those are very bare bones.

I figure Russian langauge resources would be more fruitful. Does anyone have any links to a Russian-langauge book or site dedicated to teaching Kazakh? Better yet, does anyone have the ISBNs for them so I can order them?


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