Drama Shark (varyar) wrote in linguaphiles,
Drama Shark

Neapolitan help!

In the off chance there are any Neapolitian speakers around, I have a transliteration request... I'm idly working on an alternate history thing, and one part of it is Neapolitian Tunisia (Bonapartist Naples invades Tunisia c. 1850 and eventually annexes it).

Anyhoo, I was wondering if my clumsy, Wikipedia-assisted transliterations of a few modern Tunisian provinces work:

Neapolitian (English)

Carouan (Kairouan)
Gabis (Gabes)
Gienduba (Jendouba)
Munastiro (Monastir)
Nabule (Nabeul)
Safaci (Sfax)
Tatauino (Tataouine)
Tunisi (Tunis)
Tuzzar (Tozeur)

Carouan and Gienduba look the most off to me, but they're probably all a bit wonky.

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