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Romanised Cantonese names

I'm figuring out the pronunciation of a list of names from Hong Kong. Could a native speaker of Cantonese confirm or correct my guesses below? All are the third part of a three part Chinese name in traditional order, and therefore presumably personal or generation names, not family names. I haven't used IP below, partly because I'm a bit hazy on how to enter and use it, and partly because I'm trying to come up with phonetic spellings for someone else (a native speaker of Australian English) to read out. I realise there won't be a definitive answer in all cases, but advice on the most likely pronunciation would be much appreciated!

1. Yan: To rhyme with 'bran' (short a, not long a as in father?)

2. Sze: More similar to "Sir" or more similar to "See"?

3. Cheng: Short e as in 'pen' (*not* pronounced as it would be if it were in pinyin?)

4. Sun: As in the English word 'sun' (rather than with a short oo sound as in book?)

5. Lun: To rhyme with the English word 'sun' (rather than a short oo sound as in book?)


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