freak out, far out, in out (hobbit_feets) wrote in linguaphiles,
freak out, far out, in out

One of those 'How do you say' posts...

Hallo all!  I am in need of having a few phrases/words translated from English to German.  Unfortunately, I don't know anybody who speaks fluent German, and I certainly don't trust the various online translators available.  The phrases in question are:

'He'd like a cup of coffee with extra sugar.  Decaf.'

'Your mom.  Your mom's a whore.  Cunt.  Fuck you!'

'God, I love you, you complete lunatic.'

'No need to worry, I'm only a little mad.'

'Fancy meeting you here.'

'East Gallery'

Also, how does one say 'cafe' in German?


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