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Onomatopoetic words for rain?

What are your favourite onomatopoetic words for rain in your language?

I noticed some time ago that there are a variety of onomatopoetic words in German for "to rain" which I find very pretty.

Here's the ones I found (and I hope I got the IPA transcription right. Correct me if I got things wrong):

  • Pladdern ['pladɐn], very strong rain, "to rain cats and dogs", fairly big drops,
  • prasseln ['pʁasəln], also strong rain, smaller drops than with "pladdern",
  • gießen ['gisən], strong rain, also "to pour", "to water flowers",
  • sprühen ['ʃpʁy:ən], to spray,
  • tropfen ['tʁɔpfən], to drip, not really used for rain, I suppose, but rather for when drops drip of things, 
  • pieseln ['pi:zəln], a light rain that's barely there, also means "to pee", and
  • nieseln ['ni:zəln], similar to "piseln", very small drops.

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