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Hello all, 

My name is Christina and I need some language help.  I am American but I spent part of my childhood in Scandinavia  (Norway and Sweden mostly) and I love the countries, their cultures and their langauges.  I have plans to try and study abroad/visit in less than a year and I figure the sooner I start practicing, the better.  I am a very dedicated at becoming at the very least semi-fluent.  I already have intermediate langauge skills so I would not be wasting your time...not completely anyway. :P  

I would be willing to communicate via e-mail, MSN, or even over Skype (free internet phone).   

So, in other words, are there any Danes, Swedes, Icelanders, and/or Norwegians...ANYONE out there who would like a penpal and help me practice and help answer any questions I may have about your languages?  In return, I could help with Spanish as it is my speacialization at my University.

I've got my fingers crossed!

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