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translation into finnish needed! :(

I'm kind of at my wit's end here; I've asked a few acquaintances to translate this passage for me into Finnish by tonight but for some reason they've all bailed on me.

It's for a creative piece of writing/artwork that I'm doing, and I'll try to provide as much context and explanation as possible so that hopefully the translation can be as close to what I want to express as possible. Feel free to ask more questions if you don't understand something, though.

Thanks in advance!

Hear, O Theiyonus! In this life you moved us to follow in your footsteps, but now we must go our own ways. We have seen beyond your boundaries and beyond your words, and we know that our loves can take us farther.

* Theiyonus is a fictional deity (I pondered trying to spell that in a Finnish way, except it looked really dorky so I'm not doing it)
* It's supposed to be like an "invocation to the muse" from Greek epic, except that it's issuing a challenge to the deity instead of thanking it
* Tone is somewhat commanding, and the imperative is not "hear what I have to say" but "hear what I have to say to you" (since the rest of the writing piece - in English - is about in what ways I choose to challenge this deity
* It's a 'royal we'
* "love" as in an interest or passion in an activity, not romantic love
* "our loves can take us farther" is still in the 'royal we' and does not refer to "Theiyonus + speaker"
* "can take us farther [than you have let yours take you]" is implied

*I would like to see it in extremely formal Finnish; even niftier if it can be in old spellings/forms like in the Kalevala but that is totally not necessary. I've been told that Finnish in its formal form is already, uh, quite elevated without having to resort to, as English does, using weird words and tropes to get that feeling across.

Edit: This page is completed and inked! Thanks hallowd!
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