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Small But Accurate Russian Dictionary?

I studied Russian as an undergrad at St Andrews getting on for 20 years ago, gave it up to focus on my German, and have let it lapse over the years. Having retaught myself French this past year I am thinking of trying again with Russian. I've my old course book from back then, and a shiny new copy of Harry Potter in Russian translation courtesy of Ebay, which I had fun leafing through this morning, but my dictionaries are packed away somewhere, and besides, were big, bulky single volume hardback things and very poor quality though about the best available at the time on a student budget!

From my recent French experience I know I'll make better use of a smaller, less-comprehensive, easily grabbed for dictionary for the moment rather than a heavy tome, but back then it was very hit and miss as to whether the translations/definitions were accurate, and reading around various reviews online it seems one or two of the older editions still have the same problem.

As a British English speaker the very US-friendly Katzner version likely isn't suitable; I've narrowed my choices down to the Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary and the Collins GEM. I'm a little suspicious of Langenscheidt as they never seemed very reliable for German use, but its got rave reviews from native speakers and students alike. Collins always used to be my favourite, but GEM often have a limited vocabulary when trying to look up words from literature.

Help? Opinions on or experience of the two volumes I mentioned (or suggestions about an alternative) greatly appreciated.

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