Jessica (basstendencies) wrote in linguaphiles,

Let's translate some 1529 French!

Hello linguaphiles, I'm trying to translate a short quote in an article about rebuses, which was taken from a French work published in 1529. I think I have the gist of it, but there are a few parts where I don't recognize the words or don't understand a phrase. If this sounds entertaining to you and you would like to help out, please take a look at it and at the rough translation I've come up with so far,

The original: (the parts that are giving me trouble are italicized)

"Les Deuises qui ne sont faictes par lettres significatiues, sont faictes dimages qui signifient la fantasie de son Autheur. & cela est appelle vng Resbuz au quel on a resue, & faict on resuer les autres. Telz Images sont ou hommes, or femmes, bestes, oyseaux, poissons & autres choses corporelles & Materielles, desquelles choses ie voy vng Resbuz de quatre versets & lignes en francois estre moult bien inuente, car toutes les dictions desdites quatre lignes sont paintes en diuers Images, & y en a substance."

What I've got:

"Devices that are not made by representative letters are made of images that represent the imagination of their author, and this is called a rebus, ???. These images are men, or women, beasts, birds, fish and other corporeal and material things, of which things ??? a rebus of four verses and lines in French ???, for all the ??? four lines were painted with many images, and ???"


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