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Universities question - English Language Degrees + History/Old English

Hi guys, I have a couple of questions, and I thought it would be easiest to ask people who know, rather than trawl through masses of information.

(I'm in England by the way)

Ok, so I'm doing an A-level in English Language (among others, but they're not important), and I've found it very interesting, and something I'm considering doing at University. Personally, I've found the history and accent/dialect/varieties of English the most interesting parts.

So my first question, are there any courses that focus more on these (and similar) aspects, as opposed to say, child language? Or do all undergraduate English Language courses involve a wide variety of topics? Is it possible to do modules in Old English? Are there any degrees that focus on O.E. and Early English? (I did look on UCAS - but I mostly ended up confused.)

Which universities offer the best courses in Eng. Lang? Can you personally recommend any?

Like I said earlier, I'm particularly interested in the history of English. I know this will probably sound silly to you all, but is this something worth following? What do you do with it? (apart from spout interesting facts everytime someone says something. "Tyndale's bible! Tyndale's bible!")

I own Melvyn Bragg's book The Adventure Of English (I think it's called that), but is there anything else you'd recommend I read? Essays or books?

As you can probably tell, I'm not terribly informed, but I'm honestly not sure where to start (and I'm uh, a tad terrified of my tutors ;_; ), so any advice or help is greatly appreciated!

If this isn't appropriate for this community - can you tell me where I should be asking? (And of course delete!)

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