Bolboreta (bolboreta) wrote in linguaphiles,

Long distance public transportation

This came up in a conversation with my mother a while ago. I'd taken a train to Madrid (around 8 hours) and I called to let her know I was ok. When she asked about my trip I told her "bien, aunque llegamos 10 minutos tarde" (lit. "ok, although we arrived ten minutes late"). I was traveling alone and she knew it, so my use of the plural confused her quite a bit and she complained to me about it.

I do this all the time with long distance transportation, I guess because there's always more people with me and we're all equally affected by whatever happens in the trip. It doesn't apply to trips around a city, mainly because there's so many people getting on and off the bus all the time and not really a sense of reaching a destination.

So, questions: Am I the only one who does this? And specially, how weird would it be in English to use "we" in this context? What about other languages?

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