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Hi all. A while back a distant relative in Canada contacted my grandfather, asking if he had any information about members of the family. She sent him a geneaology chart when she'd finished with it, or at least what she had at the time. My grandfather showed it to me, and I copied it.

The Wolcott's family motto is "Nullius addictus jurare in rerba magistri." I think this is Latin, if I'm wrong, please correct me. The translation I have is "Accustomed to swear in the words of no master." Is this an accurate translation?

The Bates's family motto is "Eh corde et mann." I don't have a translation for this one, could someone help me out? I think it's either Latin or French, but I'm not sure. Also, "Eh" could be "En," the way I wrote the letter could be either.

Thanks, all!

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