wonder dork powers activate! (atrypical) wrote in linguaphiles,
wonder dork powers activate!

Frustrating Game Terms...

All right. It's been bugging me for a long, long time now, and I guess it's time to ask someone who might have a clue. No clue which Asian language this is in, so if anyone who knows those languages would take a look, that would be appreciated. Though it is a bit of a spoiler for this game, so I'll put it under a cut, though it's not a HUGE one. About halfway through the game, I guess.

In the game Breath of Fire IV, the main character Ryu discovers that he's half of a dragon, called the "Yorae Dragon".

My question is, what language is this, and what does it mean? A quick Google search turned up something like "Buddha-nature", but then I saw on Wikipedia that some of the names of the dragons were left untranslated, and that they were originally from Korean.

So I think "Yorae" would be written as ㅛㄹㅐ in Korean... but I'm not sure. I'm not certain if it's Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or something like Sanskrit.

It's been frustrating me forever, and if anyone could help me... thank you so so so much.

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