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British Sign Language

I was using the BBC's new iplayer website to watch a couple of shows I missed in the week, and I accidentally picked the version of documentary/discussion show about 80s pop music with sign language. Often there are late night repeats of tv shows with an actor standing at the side of the screen doing the sign language version of what the people on the show are saying (BSL rather than ASL)

All I can say is that the signs for "gender bending" and "dandy" are *amazing*. Dandy involves stroking an imaginary 'tache and smoothing down lapels, and gender bending looked like Sid James suddenly discovering he had breasts. The man doing the sign language also managed to do the lyrics to an Adam Ant song whilst also doing the dance in the video.

Which leads me to this, which I saw on the news the other day, new standardised set of signs for science vocabulary. Want to know how to say "photosynthesis" in BSL? Here's your spot ...


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