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Mythical/Supernatural Beings...

Here's another round of howdoyousay!

I've been able to find some of what I'm looking for on Wiktionary, but they're nowhere near as comprehensive as the knowledge of this community, and Google isn't giving me anything useful either.

I'm looking for words in any languages you have for various kinds of mythical/supernatural beings/deities/creatures.

Examples of words: Magic, Elf, Fairy, Goblin, Giant, Werewolf, Angel, God/Goddess, Witch/Wizard/Warlock, and if you have any culture-specific variants, feel free to mention those too, though I will be browsing through for those, but as I know from reading the Latvian section on there, it can also make mistakes, and often lack appropriate diacritics/accents.

Thank you muchly!
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