axoaxonic (axoaxonic) wrote in linguaphiles,

etymology: caesarean section

So, I was briefly looking at the different proposed etymologies of c-section (all the text I found was identical to that in the Wikipedia article, BTW) and was curious if y'all had any opinions you wanted to share.

I like the theories that involve Gaius Julius, but that's a personal opinion, not a linguistic judgement.

On a related note, I heard the name 'Caesar' in ancient Rome was pronounced more like the German 'Kaiser.' My source was Colleen McCullough, which I know is silly, but I tend to believe it. I also heard that the emperors following Gaius Julius took on 'Caesar' as a title out of respect for the man (that seems weird to me, was there a precedent for that?). I assume that lead to the German word 'Kaiser' and the Dutch counterpart. All that sound about right?

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