Kasak (kasak) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello, everyone!

I have a question for all those students of Brazilian Portuguese phonology out there! (Because I know there's millions of you.)

My Portuguese teacher (who is from Sao Paulo) tells me that the /r/ in each of these words is different.

1) rato, rua, carro, genro, correr
2) barato, caro, direita, garoto, marido
3) jogar, porta, perto, norte, certo
4) quatro, braço, fraco, bruto, fruta

In 1, I can definitely hear a [x] sound, though sometimes she'll over pronounce it to stress it and it'll be like a [ʁ]. In 2, it is a clear flap, [ɾ]. However, when she pronounces 3 and 4, they all are pronounced like [ɾ], yet she maintains that they are different. I have sharp enough ears to know an alveolar flap when I hear one! Are 3 and 4 normally pronounced differently in other parts of Brazil that maybe she isn't accustomed to pronouncining? Or is this something far more subtle going on?

Any advice would be appreciated.

(PS- Please, no Wikipedia or Google linking. If that had answered my question to begin with, I wouldn't be here. Thank you!)

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