...my own true Hollywood story.... (annamaryse) wrote in linguaphiles,
...my own true Hollywood story....

An absolutely wonderful short film...

I just posted this link in the comments on another recent IRISH Gaelic post... but in case you missed that one, this is a gorgeous short film about a Chinese boy who studies the language Gaelic for 6 months before traveling to Ireland... only to find no one understands him.

A MUST SEE for anyone who cares about IRISHGaelic, or the study of languages at all:


It actually made me cry!

EDIT: From the comment (which I can't now edit): And if you care about the language, please call it Irish. "Gaelic" is a mildly pejorative term here. On top of that, "Gaelic" left unqualified more commonly refers to Scots Gaelic.

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