Purple Solle (purple_solle) wrote in linguaphiles,
Purple Solle

Spoken language, audio recording and Peter Auer

I'm looking for books and scientific essays on spoken language. Specifically, the differences between spoken language and written language - I need to describe the effect that the possibility of audio recording technology has on the existing descriptions of spoken language (for example: "Spoken texts exist only in memory after having been communicated" or "Spoken language, once vocalized, cannot be edited before it is processed by the listener") compared to written language. If possible, I'm also looking for works that describe the way people behave when they're being recorded - different speech patterns, and so on.

I'm using Peter Auer as my starting point, and I've had Schlobinski and Beiswenger recommended to me, but I found out much too late that their books literally don't exist in my country. I'm desperately trying to find similar sources, preferably in German, but I've had zero luck so far.

So, could anyone recommend me some (relatively easy to find) books, essays, etc. on the subject?

Thanks in advance!

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