The Sun God (superslayer18) wrote in linguaphiles,
The Sun God

Passive Markers in Chinese

After trying to help someone out in learn_mandarin and probably failing somewhat, I was hoping someone could help me sort through the passive voice markers in Chinese a little better. We had learned 受(shou4) and 使(shi3) last semester, but I lent my book to a new student and can't find anything about them specifically online.

We're learning 被(bei4) now, which I think I'm pretty comfortable with, but don't exactly know how it compares to the others, in usage but also in denotation (I recall my teacher telling me that informally, 被(bei4) tends to have somewhat negative connotations but can be used neutrally).

So in summary: When do you use 受,使 and 被?

(As a PS, the post that sparked this was someone asking how you would say "He just wants to be loved", to which I gave a few variations but I'm not sure which sounded best... anyone care to have a go at it?)

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