Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in linguaphiles,

Mystery German Textbook

My school (in the UK) had a stack of incredibly boring German textbooks in a cupboard that were only wheeled out for grammar exercises. I think they were from the DDR, all the characters longed to visit Leipzig because it was so cool and fashionable, and they took masses of typing lessons at school and other things to make you a good productive citizen. They seemed to be from the early 80s There were some great illustrations of teenagers bedrooms that bore no relation to reality (in terms of having total neatness and utilitarianism, not being fantasy expensive rooms ). Anyone got any idea what the book was?

(I should add that when I was at senior school in the mid 90s, schools were seriously underfunded, and my school had a love of cupboards full of ancient and strange textbooks, esp if they could get them free off another school who were throwing them out / anyone else)

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