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Me again with the children's book

But actually this is a Zoology question. Do we capitalize animals' names in English?
Particularly when the exact name of the species is mentioned. I have an Emerald Boa  and a Red and Green Macaw for example (Red and Green being part of the name, not a description of the color). What do I capitalize, if at all? And if I capitalized the Red and Green Macaws (R G and M or just R or whatever), so I capitalize the lion and shark as well or...?

This is a children's book we're talking about...  


Edit - I see this is getting a bit complicated so here are a few examples, to help clarify things:
This morning was no different than any other. The large Red-and-green Macaw parrots whose feathers are red, turquoise and blue, were waking up in their home amidst the branches of the Ceiba tree. 
From the top of the Ceiba tree, the flight of Macaw parrots could see all the way to the horizon...
"We should hide and keep quiet!" answered the Blue-and-yellow Macaws.
"This is the toucan's tree", answered the toucan.

All these cases are not the same are they?

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