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Chinese pants

I just bought these really cool pants from a store in Panama selling goods imported from Korea.  The label, however, is apparently in Chinese.  What exactly are all those instructions saying?  Normally I wouldn't care, but these are really nice pants and I'd hate to damage them.  It's made out of like, some kind of synthetic stuff.  I guess the first thing is saying wash in lukewarm water, but what else?

True story, I've had the damnedest time finding pants my size in Costa Rica, since every clothing store I've been to has pants two inches too long for me.  Seriously, the shortest outside seam (is that what it's called?) measurement I've ever found has been 32 inches, and I've always been 30x30.  I've noticed that every Costa Rican guy my height or shorter has pants that are too long for them either rolled up at the bottom or all bunched up.  Even in Panama it was hard, I had to go to the store that was selling gear from Asia.  Hopefully I'll be in that region later this year and I'll be able to find clothes my size more easily.
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