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Serbian - Croatian translation

Just looked up the term SerboCroatian on wikipedia and realised it's probably not a term I want to use, so I think I mean the variant of Slavic spoken around there, knowing very little about that area. (linguistically and culturally.)

I live in a dorm, and one of my dorm mates was teasing me the other day, saying I was only allowed to write in the kitchen book in Danish (which presents no problems) and grammatically correct SerboCroatian. (He did not specify it had to make sense!) I thought it would be a fun gag to write somehting along the lines of

'Having been informed that SerboCroatian presents no problems for some members of this kitchen I would like it applied to all following information written here. While I feel that it will make misunderstandings easier, total immersion will ensure that this book either remains blank from now on, or we all learn a written language very quickly.'

It doesn't have to be that, if you want it phrased differently etc.

Also if someone thinks they know a proverb instead that I could write, it would be appreciated.
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