Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher (viata) wrote in linguaphiles,
Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher

Tanka search

Not exactly an appropriate question, probably...

The problem in short is that I've got a Russian translation of a Japanese poem and I'd love to find the original variant.

The translation I've got: Сказали мне, что эта дорога меня приведёт к океану смерти, и я с полпути повернула вспять. С тех пор все тянутся предо мною кривые, глухие окольные тропы…

In English that might be something like this: I was told this road would bring me to the ocean of death, and I've turned back halfway. Since than the dark, devious, croked paths keep dragging on before me.

I know it's a Yosano Akiko's tanka, but I've got no idea where and how to look for the original variant. Maybe there's anyone who can recognize it and recollect the Japanese text? Or at least to give me a link to a good online collection of Yosano's texts, if there is such a site.

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