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Hebrew Vocalisation

I have a short text in Hebrew, but its transliterated, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to put it back into original Hebrew characters again for me please? And if possible with niqqud/vowels :)


Al na tivke, heyradem bimnukha
Please do not cry, fall asleep and rest

Hakshev le'ivshat hagalim...
Listen to the sound of the waves

Otkha mardima beshir eres imkha
Your mother is singing you a lullaby so you'll fall asleep

Itkha eheye le'olamim...
I'll be with you forever

Mey hanahar shebenakhat kolkhim
Water of the river who is gently flowing

Shimru al otzar ko mushlam
Guard such a perfect treasure

Im timtze'u eyze khof mitvachim
If you'll find a safe haven

Oto na havi'u lesham...
Please deliver him there...








 I'm much obliged to anyone that can help! :)


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