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ESL Self-Study Books for Russian, Farsi, Spanish speakers

I have been volunteering as an ESL teacher at a local senior citizen center for a number of months, but my schedule has changed, forcing me to end the class after next week. I don't want to leave my students completely out in the cold, however, and I'd love to give them some suggestions of resources they can use to continue their study. I have Spanish, Russian, and Farsi speakers in the class. I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions for self-study books for speakers of these languages.

I neglected to mention that the students are basically absolute beginners. They have had about 3 months of study with me, although that amounts to less actual knowledge than it may sound like.

I also have a few Russian and Farsi translation requests under the cut for things I'd like to put on the sheet I give them with these resources.
If someone could translate the following passage into Russian and/or Farsi, I'd be much obliged.

It has been great teaching all of you, but unfortunately my schedule no longer allows me to continue. I apologize for the short notice, but I'd like to leave you with some resources so you can continue studying English on your own, if you wish. First, there are some suggestions of books you may want to buy. Second, there is a list of other English classes in the area. The best advice I can give you is to practice whenever you can by talking with English speakers and watching English television and movies. Thank you for being such wonderful students and good luck!

Cyrillic/Persian alphabet, if you please. Thank you kindly.

Thanks very much!
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