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This is not an ad!

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be among the titled few? For just £29.99 you can buy a plot of land on an estate in the Scottish Highlands. As a Scottish land owner you will be privileged with the title of Laird, Lord, or Lady.”

This site promises to sell you a chunk of someone's land so you can be a Scottish land owner, otherwise known as 'Laird', 'Lord', or 'Lady'. Do people really still use those titles in casual speech, or anywhere outside of the written/news-based world? Also, if you own a couple meters, would the news still be required to call you 'L*rd'/'Lady'?

I certainly believe what the terms may mean, but I'm curious more whether they're in use anymore. Once you scottish folk are done lulzing over the idea that someone would buy land to be called a lord or lady, tell me what you all have heard! Added bonus: how are they pronounced IPA-wise?
Tags: english dialects, scots, scottish english, words

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