Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher (viata) wrote in linguaphiles,
Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher

A posessive pronoun "свой"

There's a word in Russian, "свой", a posessive pronoun. It conveys the meaning of belonging, so to say, in general. Like:
I talk to my brother, You talk to your brother, She talks to her brother - etc.
All the underlined words can be translated into Russian as "свой". You can say "my", "your" or "her", but also you can use the same pronoun. It means that something belongs to the subject of the sentence.
I know that English does not have such a word, it is necessary to specify. AFAIK, same for French, and for Japanese.
Is there a language that has an equivalent to this Russian word?

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