big al (gendertrouble) wrote in linguaphiles,
big al

personal question re: japanese pronunciation

so, i'm in a band, and our name involves japanese. we're called nakatomi plaza, which is not a name we chose because of its being japanese, but rather because when we named the band 9 years ago there was an 80's movie reference as band name zeitgeist going on. (for those that don't know, nakatomi plaza is the building that gets blown up in the first die hard)

so anyway, we generally pronounce it as they did in the film, putting emphasis on the first syllable (i think). knock atomi, sort of. but i think japanese is often or generally emphasised on the second syllable? i could be totally wrong about that.

but anyway, i don' think nakatomi is a word, but a name (as in the nakatomi clan) but i thought there might be a 'correct' pronunciation.

i'm not going to start pronouncing it differently, since it's a movie reference, but i just got curious about it, because i read a comic with 'amigara' in it and while my original thought was to say it in a sort of iambic way, i figure it's probably actually aMIgara. but hey, i could be wrong about that too!

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