A folk Tale (tygerofdanyte) wrote in linguaphiles,
A folk Tale

A film about LInguists?

It makes me happy that they have a film about LInguists but it's a film funded by the National Science foundation and also given the Sundance treatment? THat just makes me tingle inside.

It's about the extinction/endangering of more than half the world's languages. If all of you feel like discussing whether it will happen or not or about the uselessness/usefulness of preserving endangered languages go ahead, I'm just making you all aware of the topic.

http://www.thelinguists.com/ -- It's got a trailer. From a film standpoint, it's got crisp editting and I"m always happy to see South India documented in films such as these. Although it intrigues me which language they might have been hunting in the Naxalite regions (probably Andhra Pradesh, India).

I apologize for the scatter-brained post, It's been a long day at work today.

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