B-movie starlet, does her own stunts (foutu) wrote in linguaphiles,
B-movie starlet, does her own stunts

anyone know this french book?

i borrowed a book from my roommate on exchange and i'm trying to track it down.

it's something about french difficulties for english speakers. it has a separate answers book. the inside is in full colour and the outside is very bright and colourful. it's kind of square and about two inches thick. i can't find it in a store anywhere, but i looked it up on amazon when i got home and it was there (this was over the summer). but i cannot for the life of me remember the name. the roommate's all over the place, literally, and i don't hear from her much.

i'd know it if i saw it and going through french books on amazon hasn't turned up anything.

any input would be appreciated!

eta: thank you SO MUCH everyone. :)

isbn 209033844X

it's not magenta, it's orange. doh.

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