keishiko (keishiko) wrote in linguaphiles,

strunk & white?

This was a thought that popped up while reading this post (on "1950s" vs. "1950's") so I figured I might as well post about it.

I noticed that in the comments/answers to that post, people were referencing publishing manuals, if not their own personal knowledge/experience. I seem to remember that that precise topic was covered by ye olde (now 5th edition) Strunk and White.

My mom was a college English teacher for some time, and one of her more everyday references (she also used the publishing manuals for, say, research papers--her own and her students') was Strunk & White. Is this not so influential anymore, that people (at least in this comm) don't seem to be using it?

Just a random question :)

ETA: Thanks to everyone for so many helpful comments (though as a longtime lurker here, I wasn't expecting much less ;)! And sorry, I should have clarified that I was referring to American English. Happy ::insert preferred holiday here:: to all!

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