maddoggirl (maddoggirl) wrote in linguaphiles,

Red Army Choir lyrics

 I really love listening to the Red Army Choir and I would very much like to see the lyrics to some of their songs. Transliterated text would be brilliant, but I know the Russian alphabet well enough to cope with Cyrillic.

I have seen websites I believe have lyrics on them but the problem is that although I know the letters, I can't actually speak any Russian, so it's impossible to navigate. So if any of my learned friends could find pages with lyrics on and let me know what song(s) it is, it would be much appreciated.

EDIT: The CD I have is the first disc of this set:

I am particularly interested in Echelon's Song, Smuglianka, On The Road, Along Peterskaia Street and The Red Army Is The Strongest. If anyone can enlighten me as to what the words mean roughly in English, that would be awesome.
Tags: lyrics, russian

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