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Language Buddies.

Hello there, first of all, I'd like to apologize for my *long* absence, I had been extraordinarily busy with Medschool.

So here's the reason why I'm actually posting, this probably has already been suggested or there's something already going around but anyway, I thought there's no damage on suggesting it, I am making a proposal to use the various instant messaging services for multilingual practice. As you all know, without practice, a language readily becomes rusty, so I'm mainly looking for anybody who'd gladly practice some languages with me and invite others to do the same, it is also a great way to make friends in my opinion.

So if anybody is interested, I'm up for practices of Spanish (my primary language), English, French and Romanian (boy is it hard to find someone with whom I can practice this one!). Please note that I am currently studying this last two so my level is pretty poor (specially Romanian). I have also studied Latin and Italian but I've nearly forgotten all that I had learned of Latin and my Italian knowledge is very limited but I'm still up for it! Oh yeah, and my email if anybody wants to, is; if you add me, please send me a message regarding the reason why you added me so that I know where you came from heheh. Bye bye!

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