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Hey there. I want to ask you guys a massive favour, I'm sorry. I'm writing a story / comic book (and half of you will tune out as soon as you read that...) and I need a few words. What I need are words in different languages (including English) which mean anything (or relate to anything) of the following: darkness, dusk, night, evening and sleep, dreaming. What'd also be great if people posted names, preferrably male (but female names are great too, but please tell me which is which!), that have these connotations. These are going to go towards names as well as hidden "clues" for part of the storyline.

I'd prefer it if it was posted in its original script of the language it belongs to. So far, I have got: לֵילִאֵל [Leliel], 夜 [Yoru>] and Orpheus.

Also: Names which have God like or religious connotations are also very well received. Thank you very much in advance for any replies.

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