Süäüüelläi (alcarilinque) wrote in linguaphiles,

Golden Compass Movie

Anyone else hear that other non-Russian and non-Norwegian language in the Golden Compass? I remember from the books that the language should have been samoyedic, but I wasn't really sure I believed that they'd actually manage to produce any samoyedic. The 'Tartars' spoke Russian, but whatever the people they labeled Samoyeds were speaking sounded rather Turkic/'Altaic'. I had a funny feeling that maybe it was Nganasan, but I've never heard it, so I'm curious if anyone with ears for other languages in the area heard something familiar. I think I heard some front rounded vowels in close succession, so that suggests maybe vowel harmony. Certainly not enough "data" to get a good hear though.

Also, does anyone know if people in Northern Russia throat-sing, or is that typically only a Mongolia/Tuva sort of thing when the Russia-ish area is in question?

Any other linguistic points of interest anyone else noticed? I kind of snickered about the 'ice bears' thing, which I don't remember from the books. It's how you say 'polar bear' in Finnish (jää.karhu 'ice bear'), so often Finnish speakers will refer to the ice bears, instead of polar bears. Is this the same in the rest of Norden?
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