Christian Velásquez Pañganiban (tisoi) wrote in linguaphiles,
Christian Velásquez Pañganiban

Name these languages - who got what right so far...

It's a day earlier than I had planned, but I decided to let you all know who got what right so far in my Name these languages game.

Below are the correct answers and the first person who answered them. It's in the LJ-CUT for those who still want to guess.

1. Breton - daev was the first
2. Mongolian - louadasthesun
3. no one has gotten this one right, or even has come close. To make it easier - it's NOT Slavic. Georgian - wildernesscat
4. no one has gotten this one yet either. Yes, it's African. ubykhlives answered correctly with Hausa!
5. Okinawan - louadasthesun again!
6. Galician - oconel
7. Hawaiian - kasele
8. Finnish - leopold_paula_b
9. No one yet. Though a bunch of you guys were close in terms of related languages or non-related languages spoken in areas adjacent to it. 24karrot got Kurdish.
10. Chavacano (from Zamboanga) - loudasthesun again! And he knows me very well. lol
11. Modern Greek - leopold_paula_b again!
12. Afrikaans - annamaryse. Some of you guys guessed Sranan Tongo, which I never heard of before. Anyway, this clip came from a South African sitcom called 7de Laan. The two characters in the clip were black and they seemed to use more English in their clip than the white characters. I guess that's why there was confusion.

So do you guys like games like this? Let me know. I know this one was hard. I am planning a "matching" game the next time around. I'm toying around with difficulty levels.

ETA: I guess the game is over as all the mystery languages have been correctly guessed! yay!
Tags: language identification

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