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Hi all, time for a bit of linguisticky, languageous frivolity.

You may or may not be familiar with the charming work of one Mr. Catface. Love it.

What I'm ideally looking for is various Catface translations into other languages...

1. The theme song which goes thus:

Catface, he's got a big cat face
He's got the body of a cat,
And the face of a cat,
And he flies through the air
'cause he's got a cat face,

with particular attention perhaps paid to the difference between "cat face" and "Catface" - for example, a translation I'm particularly interested in is Japanese, and the thought of changing neko (Cat) + kao (face) into Nekogao, softening the K to a G, really thrills me!

The languages I'm particularly looking for are:

Korean (with romanization, if possible)
Gaelic – any variant

ALL others are welcome – the more obscure the better! If it's written in a non-Roman script, would you mind romanizing?

2. Additionally, we are also looking for translations of some well-loved lines, such as:

"You are very funny. You talk, but all I hear is silliness."

"You are under the impression you are eating a fish. But you are not. You are eating the ash."

"What? No ash? But ash is very important to my diet, and to my people, too! What are you, some kind of cat-ist? Yes, that's right I said it!"

"Ah, I know what you are after. The small matter of the bill. I'm feeling generous so I've brought you half a moth. Don’t worry, it's clean, I licked it! Bye, now."

"I forgot the shopping – what am I doing?!"

"Oh, oh yes, what is this touch! Hey, turn that Kula Shaker crap off, you're ruining my Nip!"

"Yes, yes, I like the stroking with the bony hands, yes."

"I'm rubbing you - you know what that means."

"I don’t know, I can't read, I’m a cat!"

"Silly Catface!"

"They (fem. pl.) smell very nice, but they're very rude!"

Also, does anyone know what kind of accent Catface is meant to have? Thank you to all who participate!

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