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Typo in two versions, or real word?

Hello. This is my first post, and I shall try not to take up too much time.

Anyhow, whilst reading Alexandre Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo, I came across a word I cannot find in my various paper and electronic dictionaries. The word is 'nainutes'. At first I honestly believed it a misspelled 'minutes', but found the exact same 'nainutes' in the novel from a different version. The sentence is, 'Julie, appropriately dressed and her hair coquettishly arranged (she had accomplished this feat in ten nainutes), was waiting to receive the Count.'

Does anyone have any clue? Is this bizarre typo present in both Signet and Penguin's versions? Or, ignorant that I am to various publishers, (for the most part I don't care, and merely pick it up based on the most comfortable fit) are Signet and Penguin one and the same? If so, why would they have published nainutes in two different editions? (Abridged and unabridged, of different time frames, as my copy is rather old in comparison to the abridged version.)

Perhaps this is some bizarre typo-curse and I am worrying my brain for nothing.

Thanks! Quite sorry if this is a ridiculous request. :)

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