Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in linguaphiles,

Strong Pasts

I was wondering about different regional variations of the strong simple pasts.

I pronounce came in exactly the same way as come "They come round ours last Thursday for dinner" and ate as et. I think these two are both pretty common round the UK. I often hear people in Medway use see instead of saw ie "I see him last Thursday, he didn't look well", but I don't use it myself.

My boyfriend is from Wiltshire, he doesn't sound particularly West Country, but there's the odd thing (such as the way he says castle), he says led instead of laid "I was led in bed, reading a book, when the doorbell rang."

I've heard americans use dove as the past tense of dive, where I would use dived.

Anyone else got any more?

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