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Mario's voice is horse...

I recently bought Super Mario (Best Game EVAR) for Nintendo Wii and was reading the French Wikipedia article about it. It had mentioned that many Québécois were up in arms over the Joual that was in the French Canadian version of the game. Read the articles below:

Nouveaux jeux Nintendo: un français lamentable (New Nintendo games: Lamentable French)

Super Mario told to take French lessons

This prompted me to see it for myself. I changed my Wii's language settings to French and fired up Mario Galaxy. When it started up, the first character I talked to was a mailman and he did say "Y'a pas de malle" (instead of Il n'y a pas de courrier - There's no mail) - I guess this confirms that the French Canadian version is on all North American copies of the game.

After talking with other characters, I came to the conclusion that Joual was not a huge part of the game; it depended on the character and the situation. The Princess, for example, spoke in what seemed to be formal French. As did many of the characters. One character did say "Hé toi là" (not "toé") and another said "B'soir" (instead of Bonsoir). A funny thing was, when I passed by the mailman he said "y'a pas de courrier."

So what do you think of this? I think that journalists had nothing better to write about and decided to look for some purists to interview and make it seem that all Québécois were outraged by this. My response to the purists is that I think a video game is hardly the place where one should expect proper language, especially if the game is targeted to the under 40 crowd. Even the English version of the game is riddled with colloquialisms. And I can only imagine that the original Japanese version is even more so. Of course, as an outsider, there may be something that I'm not getting, if anything. ;-P

BTW ~ I looked into Nintendo's job listings, the requirements for a Bilingual Product Specialist is that they have be a French or English major, fluent in Canadian French, and experience writing for a French Canadian audience. The only job here in Washington State - that I know of - where knowledge of Québec French is handy! hehe.

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