Kitten Wrangler (kitten_wrangler) wrote in linguaphiles,
Kitten Wrangler

Mandarin translation please.

So, we Aussies got a new government last night. As pretty much all of my friends are politically aligned to the Left and the Far-Left, we really don't have anything remotely polite to say about the outgoing PM

The incoming PM (K-Rudd) speaks fluent Mandarin - and I personally am overjoyed that we have a bilingual political head. But anyway.

Some friends of mine were wondering how to say, in Mandarin, 'Ding-dong the arsehole's dead'.

Could someone oblige with a translation?

And then afterwards we could maybe start up a jolly discussion on the importance of having a bilingual political leader, or on Australia's blinkered mindset towards second language acquisition.

ETA: Judge for yourself how fluent K-Rudd's Mandarin is.
Tags: howdoyousay, mandarin

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