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More fun with double modals

Hey, thanks to everyone who responded to my double modal grammaticality judgment test!
Do you mind if I trouble you for one more quick round of questions?  Again, this is aimed at native Southerners, or at least those who have lived in the South long enough to have heard these.  It's not important if you think it's rednecky, uneducated, country, or if you would never write it - I know it's stigmatized, and usually in informal speech. I just need to know if any of the following double modal combinations exist for you.

Several of you said that you had used (or heard other Southerners use) the "might could" + Main Verb construction.  This is by far the most common double modal.  But what about the following?
might should
might would
might can
must can
must would
may can
may could
may will
may should
could might
can might
might do
may do

Again, please tell me where you're from so I can try to fit you in with the data I have so far.  And by the way, I swear that I didn't make any of these up - all of them are attested for in the literature.  The last two are from Labov's study of AAVE in New York; the rest are from Di Paolo (1989) and Boertien (1986). But I'm interested in what you have.

I'm going to visit my internet-less grandparents for Thanksgiving, but I eagerly await your results when I get back on Saturday. :) Thanks!

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